“The only people that want their day in court,  
    are those who never had one.”


Collaborative Law Center of Maui, LLLC
A Holistic Approach to Legal Conflict

James T. Lynch, M.A., J.D.
Masters Degree in Counseling

Member of the Bar
Hawaii, New York, California, Florida and New Mexico

Discover a process to:


Approach your legal problems with love aimed toward healing. Take personal responsibility, don’t become a victim. Discover your legal options to litigation. Develop your own solution and propose it. Save your hard earned money by doing your own legal research and empower yourself with knowledge that is free of charge.

"The only people that want their day in court, are those who never had one."

At the Collaborative Law Center we are dedicated to serving you at every stage of your process. The process is a step-by-step guide through your legal problems. It is structured to reduce stress, increase your awareness and heal your legal wounds. Mr. Lynch firmly believes there is an alternative to the existing legal paradigm, and that you can be the beneficiary rather than the victim.

Under the current paradigm, the fear/warrior/battle paradigm, you are asked to abdicate your responsibility in solving your legal problems by turning your fate over to lawyers and the courts. After your day in court, at the end of the battle you will have bought, at a significant cost, into one of the highest levels of stress extant in any environment, and perhaps be dissatisfied with the legal process and the results. The stress will affect every part of your life: health, business, family, and friendships.

Collaborative Law Center

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